©Official OneNationCrew’s Logo (International)

©Official OneNationCrew(Malaysia Team)’s Logo

Official Groups(Malaysia):


Official EMail:

onenation_crew@yahoo.com (International)
onenationcrew@yahoo.com (Malaysia)


Leader Malaysia Team:
VivaDel (Terengganu)

Ph3nomiz3 Slay3r (Kelantan)
BudakPerak (Perak)
dark_Cruise (Terengganu)

-=t3!k=-ku7!n5r=- (Kuala Lumpur)
NickPhantom (Johor)
BK1412 (Selangor)

Kechik Cathode (Selangor)

lAVenDeR (Perlis)
kambing_easus (Kuala Lumpur)

=Gr1m Th3 R3ApeRz=


Our Class:

OnC Freedom [BATCH 1]
Leader: darkCruise
Max Student: 25
Subject Teaches:
-Basic of computer
-Coding PHP & HTML
-Know hacker tools
-Know hacker crew
-Basic knowledge of a hacker

OnC Independence [BATCH 1]
Leader: ZuwanOneNation
Max Student: 25
Subject Teaches:
-Coding Visual Basic
-How to use hacker tools
-How to get hacker tools
-How to deface (blog,forum,site)
-BAT Coding

OnC RecondElite[BATCH 1]
Leader: LastMan
Max Student: 25
Subject Teaches:
-How to hack a website
-How to login a website as admin
-How to use BackTrack
-How to DDoS
-All hacking.



OnC will be violence if there are parties trying to disrupt peace, freedom in cyberspace.
Onc defacing website is not just material just to do damage or polularity ..
but OnC will use this method to express the voice of the people malaysia ..


OneNationCrew (International Rules)


  1. aaron delfinado
    01/05/2012 at 11:08 pm

    i want to be a student >< i'm from the philippines

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