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OnC And The World

When was OneNationCrew established?
-OneNationCrew was established on 15.3.2009 by Miceh Josh Wallington from
North Destroit,USA.

Why does it called “OneNationCrew” ?
-Because “OneNation” means surrounded by a variety of race, religion & state.

Where else OneNationCrew can be founded?

What is the code for each team?
-Canada = CONC1
-Malaysia = MONC1
-German = GONC1
-England = EONC1
-Russia = RONC1

How do we contact OneNationCrew?
-International EMail: onenation_crew@yahoo.com
-Malaysia EMail: onenationcrew@yahoo.com

How much people have joined OnaNationCrew?
-27,461 (last updated on 25.12.2011)

What is the leader nickname for each country?
-USA = DeadlyCoded
-Canada = NeverSins7
-Malaysia = dark_Cruise @ Matwan.
-German = SinsOfHitler
-England = ForgottenRealms
-Russia = Djokovic

What is OneNationCrew biggest operation?
-Has hacked 50,735 facebook user.
-Has hacked SpeedyShare.com
-Has hacked Russian’s Goverment but failed

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